Login to your session

You should have received a link from dCloud via E-Mail. Follow the instructions in the E-Mail and log in with your CCO-ID to the dcloud portal: https://dcloud2-lon.cisco.com

Once you log in, make sure to choose the LON Data Center which is the datacenter in Europe. (Second icon on the top right corner)

Click on โ€œMy Hubโ€ and click the โ€œViewโ€ button at the “Cisco Modeling Labs 2.4.1 b-34 Sandbox v1” session.

A new browser window will open and please click on the workstation and click on Remote Desktop.

A new browser window will open and will connect you directly to the Windows RDP session.

A browser window should already be opened. If not go to the desktop and open the Chrome browser. It will automatically open the predefined bookmarks with CML.ย