How to Study for the Cisco DEVNET Professional Exam: Essential Tips for Success

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Chris Beye

Systems Architect @ Cisco Systems

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Embarking on the path of Cisco certifications has been an enlightening journey for me. I recently ticked off a significant achievement by acquiring the Cisco DEVNET Professional certification.

I confess I had postponed this target a few times because of other priorities. My affinity for automation always nudged me towards this goal. Having successfully crossed this milestone, I am now setting my sights on the popular DEVNET Expert exam.

With the experience fresh in my mind, I’m eager to share with you a structured approach and some essential strategies that paved my way to success in the DEVNET Professional exam.

Understand the Exam Objectives

Start by reviewing the official exam blueprint from Cisco’s website. It provides an in-depth overview of all the topics covered, allowing you to identify areas you’re already familiar with and those that need more attention.

To get the Professional certificate I chose the combination of the DevCor (350-901) and DevOps (300-910) exams.

Create a Study Schedule

Consistency is key. Dedicate specific times in your day or week for studying, ensuring you cover all the modules systematically. Breaking down your study sessions into manageable chunks will prevent overwhelm and improve retention.

One focus in your study should definitively be coding and understanding Python code. Try with simple examples by leveraging Cisco APIs like ACI, DNAC, WebEx and Intersight. 

Leverage Official Cisco Resources

Cisco offers a variety of resources for DEVNET certification, including:

  • Official Study Material: Books, manuals, and guides are very important sources for the DevCor exam.
  • Cisco Learning Network: An online platform to study and access online courses. I can highly recommend the following courses:


Hands-on Practice is Crucial

The DEVNET exam isn’t just theoretical; it assesses your practical skills too. Invest in lab equipment (I use an Intel NUC i7 with 64GB RAM and an ESXi to host most of my environment) or online labs like Cisco’s DEVNET Sandbox to get hands-on experience with real-world scenarios.

In my home lab, I set up the following environment to develop the skills that were needed:

  • GitLab
  • Hashicorp Vault
  • ACI simulator
  • Linux client with automation tools like Python, Ansible, and Terraform
  • CML (Cisco Modeling Labs) to simulator Cisco devices like IOS XE and NX-OS


Join Study Groups

One of the game-changers in my study strategy was embracing the power of collective learning. Joining a study group, or even forming one, can add a dynamic layer to your preparation. Engaging with peers unravels new perspectives, shared resources, and the joy of solving challenging problems together. I had the privilege of teaming up with a colleague, which proved invaluable.

We set clear timelines, deciding when we’d present specific topics to each other. This ensured we stayed on track, reinforced our knowledge, and kept the momentum going.

What’s more, we locked in our exam date, creating a tangible goal to work towards. The study group shared responsibility, and mutual motivation made the journey not only educational but also enjoyable.

Utilize Third-party Resources

While Cisco’s materials are invaluable, supplementing your study with third-party resources like online courses, YouTube tutorials, or blogs can provide varied teaching methods and insights.


Take Practice Exams

Simulate the actual test environment with practice exams. This not only familiarizes you with the question format but also helps identify areas needing improvement.

Rest Before the Exam

A well-rested mind is crucial for retaining information and maintaining focus. Ensure you get adequate sleep before the exam day and take short breaks during your study sessions.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself 🌟. The hours invested and the effort expended are key to your dedication. Step into the exam room radiating positivity, fortified by your preparation, and maintain your confidence.

And remember, setbacks are stepping stones to greater success. While I stumbled on my first DEVCOR attempt, I never let that define me. Rise, recalibrate, and conquer! 💪🚀


Achieving the Cisco DEVNET Professional certification is a prove of one’s dedication and expertise in the field of network engineering, software development, and automation. With a strong will and commitment, not only can you pass this exam but also gear up for higher milestones like the DEVNET Expert. Embrace the journey, soak in the knowledge, and let each step drive your career forward.

Good luck, on your DEVNET Professional certification journey! 🚀🌐